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vehicle, conceived by Sir Isaac Newton.

The Staten Island Region Antique Automobile Club of America, is truly the car Lovers car club.
       Founded in 1974 as a region  of the Antique Automobile Club of America, the Staten Island Region has been promoting the old car hobby,  and helping the local community for nearly 40 years. S.I.R.A.A.C.A. is a 501 (c)(3) organization. The club is also member of the AACA
Our website is about the cars, old antique cars, used, but  not abused, like this Chevrolet1940s_Plymouth_coupe_100 of course, many of the cars presented here, did look like this and now “Red Carpet” winners.

Annual happenings: February Atlantic City trip, to “Spring Dust Off” , to summer cruises at  “Historic Richmond-town”, Freehold NJ.,  The Whiskey Café in NJ., 4th. July parade.
This free car show is to celebrate the National Collector Car Appreciation day.
The Fall Car Show (with flea market)   The end of the year’s Christmas party at one of Staten Island’s finest restaurants, highlights the SIRAACA’S annual events.
     The purpose of this website is to share the hobby,  with more people than possible with local newsletters, meetings or even monthly nationally syndicated magazines.  The reader will find related pictures, stories and articles. 

– NEXT MEETING – No December meeting. 
January 8th.

Tuesday at 19:00, till 21:00 (7:00 PM till 9 PM),  and will be held in Historic Richmondtown, at the Courthouse.

November News Letter
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December News Letter
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2019 Raffle Car. 

Red Carpet Winners

 e5988ccf-1429-4e5f-b996-c8358cc6b502Test Your knowledge about these old cars.
This Dcember’s question:
      When the Plymouth brand was removed from the Dodge dealer network for 1960, what low-priced, downsized Dodge was introduced to fill the void?

            The answer to (Q 136) can be found on the trivia questions page, (A 136)   

        People don’t have to attend meetings to enjoy the hobby.   People in small, far away communities, who don’t have access to car-shows can see beautiful cars of yesteryear.    We feature antique automobiles, hot rods, muscle cars, classic cars, brass cars of the  early 1900, fire-engines, school buses.  Personal pictures of those by-gone era roads also displayed.  Such road is the “Mother Road”  (RT66) A big part of it is still in use.  Alongside there are graveyards of old automobiles that used to use it on a regular basis.

      Take a few minutes and check out the pages of this “Award of Excellence” winner web site.  We are sure you will find them interesting and informative. Thank You for visiting our site!  We hope you will enjoy the pages.
When driving,car28  …don’t get distracted!   keep your eyes on the road!TN00607A1              Pleasant cruisingTN00738A

 IG_0179I will always be working on this site, as I add to it whenever I have something new, or interesting to add.
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