Judging Criteria


Judging criteria:

  Minimum score of 70 Points required for Trophy qualification.  

Deduct 1 point from TOTAL SCORE if owner does not have a Fire Extinguisher!

Area – 1 Body and Paint 
(Includes all exterior paint, sheet metal, and conv. top if applicable)
25 Points
Area – 2 Interior   
(Includes door panels, seats, mats, carpet, headliner, trunk, tools, and spare)
20 Points
Area – 3 Engine Compartment  
(Includes everything located under the hood)
15 Points
Area – 4 Chrome and Trim  
(Includes moldings, emblems, bumpers, etc.)
15 Points
Area – 5 Undercarriage   
(Includes underframe, rear / front ends, transmission)
15 Points
Area – 6 Wheels and Tires  
(Includes tires, rims, hubcaps, stems, lug nuts)
10 Points